Fence Panel Manufacturers

Turkey as a manufacturer has a huge experience regarding the manufacturing of industrial items. It is one of the biggest steel manufacturer which is the main raw materials of fence. Fence panels and chain link fences are getting very common nowadays in all over the world. There are a lot of Turkish fence and wire manufacturer which is totally made in Turkey. Fences are getting more popular day by day due to some reasons. First of all it is very important to cover some places or areas. It gives a protection to your gardens, houses, offices or private areas. Fence panels can be manufactured from chain link, it is basically called chain link fences which is very popular and Saglam Fence is one of the fence panel manufacturers in Turkey.
Fence Panel Manufacturers

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There are so many types of fence panels. But today some of them is used more often and best.

  1. Metal fence panels
  2. Razor Wires
  3. Chain link fences
  4. Wire mesh fences

are the quire popular and best fence panels type today environment.

  • We produce fence panels which you can use in every area as Saglam Fence.

For example; you have a kindergarten and you teach children there. Of course, you need to be very careful. Because children move too fast and they can disappear. In order to avoid this situation, you can build a panel fence around your kindergarten. With the help of panel fences, the children who are educated in your school will not be harmed and cannot escape from school. Likewise, in these periods when child abduction is very common, any foreign person cannot enter your school and will not harm you. From every angle, the fence panels are a very useful solution.

  • Saglam Fence fence panels are produced in a quality that you can use for many years.
  • If you are looking for fence panel manufacturers near me you can contact with Saglam Fence.

For example; most people see fencing solutions as unnecessary costs. But considering how well it protects you, it is worth the cost. When we think of a wide angle, these fencing projects can be used for at least 25 year. Saglam Fence fencing systems are never manufactured because they are made of very high quality materials. And since they are produced from non-corrosive substances, they can be used for many years in provincial quality.

If you have decided to build a fence panel, you can contact us at this point and ask any questions you may have. As Saglam Fence, we work with very successful personnel and we work to give you the most satisfactory answers to your questions.

The product range of panel fence is quite high. You can find many models in both color and design. Especially, you can find many models such as chain link wire mesh fence, mobile fences, steel mesh, on our website.

As you can make your panel fences at the height you want, you can provide reinforcement protection with razor wires on the top of the fences. For example, after you have converted a school yard with a panel fence, you can mount the razor wire on your panel fences in order to further increase the security measures. The razor wire is made of a sharp material which, like the name implies, is razor-sharp when touched. And the school is a preventive solution for malicious people who want to enter your garden or home.

  • One of the best features of the fence panels is that they can be applied to the desired floor.

It doesn't matter if your floor is soil or concrete. Thanks to the fasteners we use in accordance with each type of floor, we produce products that can be mounted safely on any floor. The panel fence made of galvanized wire is coated with polyester based paint after special matting application and made highly resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the production technology of classical panel fences, maintenance-free and suitable solutions are provided for each project.

As can be seen, the panel fences which are quite wide in terms of application areas have a very aesthetic and very beautiful appearance. It is a very useful product for villas, garden fencing, high security areas, sports complexes, military areas and many other places with its stylish appearance, rich color options and easily applicable to all kinds of surfaces. For more information, please visit our website and contact one of the best fence panel manufacturers,  us.


The cost to install fence panel is changes according to your area's square meters and materials which we used in manufacturing of panel fences. For detailed information you can contact the Turkey's best panel fence manufacturer, Saglam Fence.

Saglam Fence has a capasity of 3000 meter square of chain link fence per day. Panel fences and Chain link fences in Turkey can be used also to cover sport facilities . It can be used for football pitches, basketball pitches or tennis pitches. Chain link fences in Turkey are produced by wire through a machine . It is better to put a razor wire on the fence panels in order to make the production much better and more secure.

There is another product which is wire mesh panels in Turkey. It also has very common use in the market. Wire mesh is mostly manufacured by using hot dipped  galvanized steel wires. Wire mesh panel is also called as wire panel fence.

Fence panels and chain link fences are getting very common nowadays in all over the world;

  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Qatar
  • Iraq,
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bulgaria,
  • Russia,
  • Ukraine,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Syria,
  • And other European countries and Africa.

The tchikness  which is used in  the fencel panels production in Turkey

  • Generally 3.00 mm or 3.5 mm.
  • Eye holes of chain link fence panels can be made 4 cm or 5 cm.4 cm is better and it is more secure.

Chain link fence panels must be coated by pvc coating or galvanized coating in order to avoid any corrosion. It is very important to protect chain link fences and wire mesh panels. If there is no pvc coating the life of the panels will be more shorter. It is very easy to install chain link fence panels and wire mesh panels. Fence panel manufacturer companies in Turkey they are also selling the poles for the installation.

The standard wide of 6ft fence panel is should be 6ft.

  • How many year Warranty has fence panels?

Today’s panel fences is built for consumers who expect metallic-coated chain link fence materials to last over 25 years. To meet those expectations, the industry has established higher quality standards and improved manufacturing processes.


There should be a pole at least in each 2 meters. If the poles of wire panel fences are not enough then the panel may fall down easily. There must be a hole to put the poles inside and afterthat can be fixed  it by using cement. The fence panels can be tied ud easily by using thin wires.It is always recommended to use safety gloves in order to avoid any injuiry during the installation of fence panels ,especially when putting the razor wires on the top of the fence panels.

Chain link fences can be produced in any lenght. Fence panels can be used in two ways. Firstly it can be fixed by using cement or it can be modular and be shift to any other places like concerts,weddings or special events. Turkey is very strong in fence panel manufacturing. Saglam is has an experience in the produciton of chain link fence and wire fence panels and due to that exporting its products .

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