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People are looking for different option to cover their borders or secure their places.Nowadays the most popular ones are pvc coated fences, razor fencing, chain link pvc wires , wire mesh panels , welded mesh panels , trapezoid fence… etc. The metallic zinc coatings applied by the galvanising process . Galvanising process is very important in order to have a resistance against the corrosion. If the galvanising process is well done, then the life of the galvanised wire is getting more. The tensile strength is defined as the maximum load achieved in the tensile test, divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test piece. Galvanised Manufacturing Wire is produced using soft, medium and hard grade wires. Tensile tests are made by international test laboratories. Saglam Fence is the Turkey’s best galvanised wire fencing manufacturer with 30 year of experiences.

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You can secure your wire mesh fences with galvanized coating. Because galvanised coating protects your wires from corrossion.

First, let's see what a galvanised coating wire mesh fences is. Plating the surface of the steel wire material in zinc called the Hot Dip Galvanized Coating process. The main reason why steel wire materials are coated with zinc is to protect the material against corrosion. As can be seen, the most important reason for covering this kind of mesh fencing with galvanization is the corrosion protection. At the same time, it is resistant to UV rays for a long time and there is no fading in its colors.

Although security is important, we need to keep our budget under control. The prices of galvanized coating products are quite suitable. So with Saglam Fence you can ensure superior protection at affordable prices.

Product Name Eye Range Wire Thickness Roll Lenght Coating
Galvanized Wire Mesh Chain Link Fence 25 x 25  



2.50 mm – 4.50 mm




10 – 15 m




Galvaniz Coated( 100 - 610 g/m2 zinc coated )

30 x 30
40 x 40
50x 50
60 x 60
70 x 70


Fencing wire and chain link fences are security systems which are used for security purposes and have many different types. And these are the cheapest fencing type in the world.  It is most  It is widely used today. It is preferred by many people because of economic solutions. As Saglam Fence, we have been serving you for nearly 30 years to keep your safety under control.

  • Turkey is one of the biggest galvanised and pvc coated wire manufacturer in the World.

Wire is used in a lot of sectors in the World.Turkish manufacturers are selling galvanised and pvc coated wires to local market and international markets. Galvanised wires are mostly sold to European countries , Africa continents ,Middle East countries and Russian countries.

Some of big importers are

  • UK,
  • France,
  • Russia,
  • Ukraine,
  • Greece,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Kuwait,
  • Qatar,
  • Nigeria,
  • Saudi Arabia,

Sultanate of Oman, Kosova, Mali..etc.Turkish producers are producing high quality wires and selling to a lot of customers in the World.

There are three grades to measure tensile strength of galvanised wires as wire is used for a lot of reasons and in a lot of industry it is very important to have a high quality galvanised wire in the production. Because of that tests of the wires are very important.

Grade Tensile Strength
Galvanised - Soft Quality 380/550
Galvanised - Medium Quality 500/625
Galvanised - Hard Quality 625/850

There are so many advantages of wire mesh fencing. Some of them are;

  • Provides economical solution.
  • They are resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • Ease of installation,
  • Low Cost,
  • Long Life Structure,
  • Aesthetic appearance,
  • Easily applicable on different floors,
  • Easily adaptable to future productions

These are one of the biggest advantages of panel wire mesh fence applications.

There are so many areas to use galvanized wire fencing especially; as garden fencing. It is a best decorative and security idea for your garden.

The most durable fence types are;

  • panel fences, chain link fences and wire mesh fences.

In the fence category, panel fence and wire mesh fencing products coated with galvanized immersion system are completely away from the distortions caused by adverse weather conditions. These fence products, which are produced with today's technology, are shaped with the same design. These pvc coated wires are then attached to the poles by means of clips. These products, which are preferred with their durable properties, have non-rusting properties.

In addition to being economical, fence panel systems are difficult to overcome with their decorative appearance. Panel fence systems, which have emerged with the introduction of fence systems in our social life, have very high quality features.

Within the fence systems, panel fences and galvanized wire fencing which have practical usage and installation features are also compatible with ivy works. Whether live or artificial, these fences create a high quality integrity with ivy and are compatible with decor. Due to its elegant and aesthetic appearance, it does not cause any problem in terms of appearance.

Panel fence applications are widely used today.

I hear you ask me why I should prefer Saglam Fence security fencing systems. This question has very simple answers. Now let's list them for you.

  • Saglam Fence specializes in fence panels and has been doing this business for many years.
  • Its aim is always to supply you with more durable fence panels using the latest technology as innovative.
  • At the same time Saglam Fence is known worldwide and has suppliers all over the world.
  •  It has established a trust based relationship with its suppliers and always chooses the best quality.
  • It competes with the firms in the sector with its large purchase volume.
  • As it supplies more products, it can buy products at more reasonable prices and can offer them to their valued customers at more reasonable prices.
  • Distribution from Istanbul's large stock center to all over the world is very fast.
  • We are giving importance to speedness as Sağlam Fence since we have time in our age.
  • The faster your business is resolved, the happier we are and the more excited we do our job.

For more information please contact Turkey best galvanized wire fencing manuacturer, Saglam Fence..


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