PVC Coated Wire Mesh Fencing

There is a very famous product in the market nowadays to secure your borders. It is called as Pvc coated wire mesh fencing. Made in Turkey Pvc coated wire mesh panels are produced by galvanized 40-60 gr /m2 panels. Saglam Fence is the Pvc Coated Wire Fencing Manufacturer in Turkey. If you are lookinf gor best quality garden border fencing manufacturer Saglam Fence is the right choice for you. Pvc coated wire mesh fence panels are manufactured according to TSE ( Turkish Standarts Instutitioun) standards.
PVC Coated Wire Mesh Fencing

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Green PVC coated Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer

The cost of green PVC coated welded wire mesh is changes according to coating materials which used in manufacturing process and the area which you want to put in wire fencing.

Wire mesh Fence panels / chain link fences can be coated with polyester based electrostatic  powder  or PVC based thermoplastic poweder coating. Pvc coatings are very strong against UV lights. Turkish made pvc coated wire netting and garden fence are in 4.0, 4.3,4.5 and 5 mm of tchikness are very easy of installation.

Chain link pvc wire mesh fence panels are having;

  • price advantage,
  • durable
  • in esthetic designs.

It is very eco-friendly product. Pvc coated wire mesh fencing panels  lenghts can be products in different lenghts and heightsChain link pvc panels are generally made in green pvc coated colour. Wire fence panels can be also painted in any colour.

  • Standard is produced in 4 different sizes. (150 x 500 - 150 x 600 - 215 x 500 - 215 x 600)
  • It is made of black ribbed steel bars with a diameter of 15x5.5 cm and a diameter of 5.0x4.5 mm.
  • Various aesthetic images can be obtained when combined with steel welded wire mesh.

PVC is a plastic polymer. It is an alloy. This combination, which is very durable and robust, is widely used for fence panel covering.

  • It is also cost effective and economical.
  • You can use it with peace of mind as garden fence.
  • Welded wire mesh can be made in any color.

Green PVC coated Wire mesh fence systems are the most widely used fence systems from past to present. Galvanized Wire Mesh and PVC Coated Wire Mesh, which we manufacture as wire mesh fence , is produced in desired eye range and heights according to usage areas. Generally it is applied with pipe pole and concrete pole.

If the poles are standard 3 meters or at your desired intervals, if your floor is ground, the bottom of the pole is concreted and the concrete floor is assembled with the plate system welded to the pole bottom. For the purpose of support, double sided strut is made every 30 or 45 meters apart.

After the pole installation is completed, 2, 3 or 4 rows of tension wires are drawn according to the fence height. The braid wire material is connected to the tension wires with bonding wire and the assembly is completed. As Saglam Fence, we manufacture the best quality welded wire mesh fence systems for your safety with 30 years of experience. Now let's examine these systems in detail.

Optionally, razor wire or barbed wire is drawn on the mesh wire.

Welded wire mesh lifespan depends on the quality of the material used in production. As Saglam Fence, we use the highest quality materials when producing PVC coated wire netting. Together with our 30 years of experience, we guarantee you a lifetime of at least 20 years.

Information about Pvc Coated Wires

Wire mesh systems are the most widely used fence systems from past to present. The mesh wire material that we produce as PVC coated wire mesh fencing on galvanized wire is more durable than galvanized wire. The color is standard Ral 6005 green. It is produced in desired eye range and heights according to usage areas. It is generally applied with green painted pipe poles.

Pvc Coated Wires and Properties

  • Eye Range: 30x30mm-40x40mm-45x45mm-50x50mm-60x60mm-75x75mm
  • Wire Thickness: 3,00mm - 3,50mm - 4,00mm - 4,75mm
  • Wire Height: 90cm - 600cm between the desired size of manufacturing is made.
  • Roll Length: 10mt - 15mt - 20 mt
  • Coating: Galvanized + PVC Coated

You can used in wire mesh fences product for many different purposes as it is used for enclosing homes and workplaces, making parking spaces and factory areas safe.

  • As Green Garden Fencing,
  • All kinds of exterior coatings of workplaces,
  • Indoor and outdoor sections,
  • All application areas
  • Surrounding the villa.
  • Garden plot around the open area,

Wire mesh fences sometimes called as chalin link fences. Also;

Chain link wires can be used in different areas such as;

  • outdoor soccer fields,
  • volleyball fields,
  • tennis courts,
  • gardens ,
  • construction areas ,
  • pool corners

Chain links are generally painted in dark green colour. There are special weaving machines to manufacture chain link wires. Turkey is one of the leading chain link and fence panels manufacturer in the world. Turkey has a huge experience and very big factories for these types of productions.

The best garden fencing is green PVC coated welded wire mesh. Because;

  • Fence panel systems are having a lot of
  • Fence panels are manufactured in very high quality  with the lower prices.
  • Pvc and chain link fence panels are long lasting and can be used for years under the sunlight and bad weather conditions.
  • It can be installed very easily and carried to anywhere.
  • It has high resistance against the hits.
  • Pvc or chain link fence panelsdo not  need of more  maintenance needed.
  • PVC and wire netting can be installed on the soil ground by putting a concrete under of the panels.
  • It can also be installed on the cement.
  • PVC chain link wires also can be manufactured in rolls.
  • It can be fixed to the bends by wire.
  • Chain links eyeholes are either manufactured in 4 x 4 cm or 5x5 cm by chain link manufacturers.
  • The tchikness of the mesh panels are either 3.00 mm or 3.5 mm.

Razor wires can be also used on the top of the fence panels. Razor wires are especially used for military areas. The gates of the fences are also made by fence panels. Fence gates are very important elements of any kind of fencing systems to control the entrence and exit of the area which are covered. Any kind of locking system can be fixed onto the fence panels.

  • Saglam Fence is the Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer in Turkey. If you are looking for wire netting manfuacturer you can contact with us. 

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