Wire Mesh Security Panel

Saglam Fence is the Wire mesh and fence panel manufacturers are located in Turkey Turkiye has big industrial areas for the production of wire mesh fences. Wire mesh fences can be manufactured in different sizes . Fence netting may have different holes .When we say wire mesh fence security, Saglam fence is coming to our mind because it has around 20 years of experience in this field. For example, you have a villa and you are afraid of theft in recent years. You want to protect your home, which is your most natural right. That's why you want to protect your house. The security fence systems appear at this point.
Wire Mesh Security Panel

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Welded Wire Mesh Rolls/Panels, Metal Mesh Fencing

Mesh panel is a specially designed protection product to keep you safe. These wire mesh panels built around your home garden or around a company are a great measure against theft. Also;

Types of Wire Mesh Fences

  1. Concrete Pole Wire Fences: Concrete pole wire fences are security fences that can be applied with all kinds of wire fences. Generally its features are as follows:
  • Provides economical solution.
  • Stainless steel galvanized wire mesh.
  • In the reinforced concrete fence posts, 4 pieces of 6 mm thick iron are used on average 4 or 7 stirrups against cracking and breaking.
  • Special technique vibration is used for preparing high quality concrete poles
  • Any type of wire fence can be applied using
  • Resistant to bad weather conditions
  • To determine the unit price of the concrete pole wire fence, which can also be called field fence, it depends on which mesh wire to be selected, mesh spacing, thickness, height and razor or barbed wire.


  • Pipe Pole Wire Fences: Pipe pole wire netting are one of the economic solution methods for covering the land. The pipe-fence wire fences are divided into two as straight neck and curved neck. This changes shape according to the taste of the person and the area to be treated. 3 lines of barbed wire or straight line, planar or helical razor wire can be pulled to the inclined section.

Welded wire mesh panels serve as a wall and protect us from harmful events. It provides my security with its very robust and durable structure.

  • With fence panels, bad emotions like feeling in danger disappear from human life.
  • Welded wire mesh used especially in military areas and garden fencing should be used for special area protection with razor wire.
  • Thanks to the mesh wires used in schools, our children will be safe and we will be peaceful in this way.
  • Due to its economical use, it is very common.
  • Many different models and designs are available in security fences.
  • Can be made in desired colors and sizes.

Security Fences are a product that people prefer very much about environmental safety. As Saglam Fence, we follow the sectoral developments in the world and produce with the latest technologies at the international quality standards.

Panel fences used for security and decorative purposes in many fields such as football fields, parking areas and private property in our country increase the security of our society by one more level. With the understanding of being a reliable and efficient team with our experienced technical staff; customer satisfaction and quality together with timely production and delivery principles without compromising the country and world standards in accordance with the service we offer.

The wire mesh security panel cost changes according to your area's square meters and the materials which we used in manufacturing process of mesh fencing.

In the meantime wire mesh fences are also used for agriculturual areas to close some fields or areas. Turkey is exporting high volüme of wire mesh fences to the World such as European countries, Qatar, Kuveyt,Saudi Arabia,United Arap Emirates ,Bahrain, Soltanate of Oman, Yemen, Libya,Algeria,Tunisia,Greece ,Bulgaria,Russian countries and Ukraine.There are a lot of countries which are importing wire mesh fences for security or other reason.

  • Mesh wires are manufactured according to International standards by Saglam Fence.

Wire meshes can be painted in different colours but the most common colour is green. Security garden fencing are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards and by using a special way of welding while connecting the wires. Wire diameters of the fences are 4.0,4.5 or  5.00 mm. These are common ones


At least 20 years the wire mesh security panel is last. The lifetime of mesh panels is so long. As Saglam Fence we are the manufacturer and supplier of wire mesh fences. Our welded wire mesh is so quality and we are serving best price for you.

  • Saglam Fence is the Turkey's best wire mesh fence manufacturer.

Saglam Fence is one of the wire mesh supplier in the world and selling huge quantities to local market and international market. The raw material of wire mesh is wire which is made of steel bars. The eyes of the wire mesh can be either 4 cm or 5 cm widht.

  • Turkey is one of the best wire and wire mesh manufacturer in the world.
  • Turkey also has a geographical advantage and due to that it is more easy and cost effective to buy the wire mesh from Turkey.
  • Wire mesh suppliers can make the meshes from galvanised or pvc coated wires.
  • Green Pvc coated welded wire mesh are having resistantance against UV lights for years.
  • Insttallation of wire mesh is very easy.
  • It should be installed on the posts by using a thin wire.
  • There is no need using any extra machine or hand tool.
  • The main colour of wire mesh is Ral 6005 but if the customer wants another colour it can be also dyed to another colour.
  • Wire mesh suppliers are selling the meshes to retailers or wholesalers.
  • It has a very wide using areas.

It can be used to cover your;

  • borders ,
  • gardens ,
  • swimming pools,
  • tennis courts ,
  • outdoor and indoor sport courts closing.

It can also be used for agricultrual reasons such as to close the fields or make special place for animals.

If you are looking for wire mesh manufacturer and supplier, Saglam Fence is the best choice for you. Please contact us for details..

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