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Saglam fence has 28 years of experience in the field of fence and chain link panels and having two factories for the production. Saglam fence has a capacity of 1.000.000 m2 per year.Our fence panels and wire mesh panels are manufactured from high quality wires.All production is made according to TSE and ISO standards.
Wire fences manufactured by Saglam Fence® provides great security to Parks, Gardens, Schools, Factories, Sports Facilities, Military Bases and Airports.


Sağlam fence has two factories for the production . Fence panels ,chain link pvc wires ,razor and barbed wires are usually available in the factory which is located in Arnavutkoy, istanbul.

Fence panels and made of different kinds of wires.The wire tchikness could be 3.00 mm or 3.5 mm . 3.5 mm is common in the market . Fence panels ,chain link panels and razor wires are produced by different machines and used for security reasons

Our products are produced according th TSE standards (TSE) and ISO 9001 certificates in a way of welding. Wire diameter of the fences are 4.0 ,4.5 or 5.00 mm .The wire which are used in the production of fence panels are coated pre galvanised  either hot dipped galvanised or electro galvanised.Due to high quality of raw materials our products can be used at least for 10 years.

Both of them are manufactured from hot dipped or galvanised wires in different diameters.Wire mesh panels are commonly used the security of sport facilities whereas fence panels are used in the secuirty of houses,swimming pools, goverment offices or army areas.Because fence panels are more durable and it has an aesthetic look.

Wire is used in a lot of sectors .It is used in heavy industry, in the production of fences ,

  • elevators ,
  • fence production ,
  • construction industry ,
  • Sports Field
  • cable production,nail or staples  or mesh production.

Razor Wire Fence: This razor wire is covered with sharp wires and is used for securing a certain area. These sharp wires have a psychological deterrence feature and prevent people from entering the prohibited zone.

Chain Link Fence: These are areas where PVC-coated spiral wires are used frequently, such as highways, railways, fields, residential areas and parking lots.

Metal Fence Panels: The gates are systems to adapt to the fence systems used and to provide transition areas in fenced areas.

Wire Mesh Panels: Fence meshs; It is used for providing environmental safety in places such as sports fields, factory, site, building, garden, school, bridge, road. It is produced by wire mesh technique.


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